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Gold Plating Suppliers serving Upstate New York

However, during these challenging times we are fully committed to doing everything we can to help insure the safety of our country, community, and employees by adhering to the steps recommended by our government to help stop the spread of this invisible enemy. The result may be a slightly extended lead time in product order fulfillment, technical support, and plating services.

We thank you for your patronage and patience in helping all of us get through this unprecedented period. Shop Now. We now have our Federal Firearms License, so we can plate your firearms. Send us a request! Jewelry Plating Kit. Plating Solutions. Automotive Plating Kit. Pre-Treatment Solutions.

Gold Plating Services. Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for a variety of industrial parts and metals such as bearings, aluminum, and stainless steel, to name a few. However, some of the surfaces are highly sensitive and demand specialized care.

For example, steel is vulnerable to rusting when exposed to water-based chemistries, so it requires Zinc plating is one of the most prevalent applications of electroplating. Its core purpose is to deliver a protective coating to metal accessories such as fasteners, bolts, nuts, and automotive parts. Zinc can keep the underlying iron and steel from corroding. It can also enhance the appearance of metal components Anodizing is a process of enhancing the corrosion-resistant capabilities of metal parts by creating an oxide layer on their surface.

This layer is used to provide better surface resistance against corrosion and wear. Anodized metal also offers improved adhesion for glues and paint primers, which creates a handy base forWe recycle precious metals quickly and efficiently so we can process your lot and your payout—all in the same or next day. Sincewe have worked to provide companies worldwide and of all sizes seamless precious metal refining services and same-day payouts.

Our headquarters are located at 45 West 47th Street Exchangewhere we have a superior team of knowledgeable individuals ready to assist and answer your precious metal refining questions. Our mission is to make sure our precious metal refining services exceed customer expectations for speed and professionalism.

We offer:. Ready to start investing in physical metal, like bullion bars or coins? Browse our catalog of precious metal products for sale:. Please check back here regularly for updates.

gold plating nyc

We look forward to serving you in the near future. Domestic Miners. Contact Us.

How to Repair Gold Plating

Convenience Bring your lot in person or ship it to us via mail. Fast Turnaround Get paid the same day your lot is received. Transparency Watch your precious metals being melted on-site. Products We Sell Ready to start investing in physical metal, like bullion bars or coins?

Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates regarding our business and precious metal refining. All rights reserved. Open toolbar.Gold plating services. Rack, barrel, vibratory, basket and minimum part movement barrel plating methods are used. Electroplating services for connectors, contacts, and pins. Gold and platinum plating services. Types of coatings include anti-corrosion, optical, catalytic, EMI shielding, thermal and diffusion barrier, nanocomposite and tantalum radiopaque coatings.

Plasma surface treatment services are also available. Industries served include biomedical, aerospace, electronics, energy, radiopacity, drug delivery and industrial tools and equipment. Complies with QS standards. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

gold plating nyc

Niagara Falls. Thomas Verified. Custom Manufacturer. Finishing Service Company. IATF ISO RoHS Compliant. ITAR Registered. Conflict Minerals Disclosure.

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Inside a $12M NYC Loft with an Entirely Gold Bathroom - On the Market - Architectural Digest

New York - Upstate. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Gold Plating, as well as a variety of related products and services. Click on company profile for additional company and contact information.Offering personalized assistance for all of your Electro-Plating and Metal Finishing needs. Victoria Plating Company is an ISO Certified Organization that boasts over years of professional experience with a management team second to none. Building on the foundation established in by the Founder, Charles Antmann, Victoria Plating's staff offers you all of the assistance that you will need towards the very best in Electro-Plating and Metal Finishing.

From your first contact with us, through the quoting process and ultimately the delivery of your finished parts, you can look forward to being treated courteously and professionally. In the age of technology and innovation, we are proud to offer personalized assistance as you look for answers to all of your finishing needs. Whether you are a purchasing agent for a large corporation, an owner of a small business, a decorator or a home owner, we want to offer the same quality and service that will cause you to be glad your internet search led you here.

gold plating nyc

Victoria Plating Company was established in by a German refugee, Mr. Charles Antmann. After World War II, Charles was able to break free of his partners and turn Victoria Baby Carriage into a high volume, high quality finishing facility that has always maintained a dedication to the process that has become the industry standard. In the wake of the recession, Victoria Plating changed its business model away from production work and towards high end decorative and custom finishing.Built by Vivial Privacy Policy.

Call us: The safety of our customers and staff has always been, and remains, our highest priority. To that end, we will be temporarily ceasing operations until the CDC and government advise us that it is safe to reopen. As the situation surrounding Coronavirus evolves, we are following guidance from the U.

gold plating nyc

We will notify you within the coming weeks of our reopening date. We will be available via email to assist you and answer any questions. We do it all!

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To make navigating this site as simple as we can, the links below may be helpful. Click for more information. Inthe Motion Picture Academy, for the first time, chose Laser Gold to adorn one of the most recognized symbols of quality in the world… the Oscars! We are a third-generation family-owned high-tech engineering plating company. Our proprietary Laser Gold and Laser Black optical coatings are world renowned. But as you can see listed in the column on the right, we are also known as a specification plating service for aerospace companies, contract machine shops that serve them, and and other high-tech applications around the world.

Epner Technolgy is dedicated to making you look smarter than we both know you really are. See our complete Mission Statement. With a Knoop hardness of almostLaser Gold is three times harder than any other pure gold plating process. Counts, Keith A. Thomas B. Reyerson, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. Read more …. Search for:. Home About Epner Why Epner? Click for more info. Our inspector inside of a 3 meter high chemical reaction vessel.

Plastic microwave filter housing. One of thousands produced during the telecom boom. Space Instrument.While pure gold is forever, gold plating often fades with the passage of time. Thankfully, items that are gold plated can often be repaired and restored to their former glory. While you may not always be able to restore them to look as good as new, you will be able to make the gold plated items look much better than they did before restoration.

Clean the item. Prepare the surface and remove all contaminants that could cause problems later. Use a gentle hand soap and a tooth brush to remove any dirt and grime.

Pat dry using a paper towel, then let the item air dray completely to make sure that the surfaces, including any crevices, are free of moisture. Buff the surface with a jeweler's cloth.

Precious Metal Refining Services

Sometimes, this is all that is needed to restore a uniform luster to the surface and to dull down the high points where the underlying metal shows through the gold finish. Jeweler's cloths are often made to wipe tarnish off of silver, but they are also effective on gold plated items. Use a gold plating kit. If cleaning and buffing did not provide a satisfactory result, there are kits available that are aimed at helping people restore gold plated items.

For immersion gold plating kits, put the item that needs plating repair in a small basket, which comes in the kit. Place the basket on an activator disc. Next, you place the basket and activator disc into a pre-heated gold solution which comes in the kit as well. After several seconds, rinse the object in water, then buff it with a polishing cloth. It creates a gold bond in seconds, which serves as an easy fix. Visit a local jeweler if your piece is of extreme value as the jeweler may have more advanced techniques such as electroplating which can be used.

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